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Fall /Winter Season 2021

Krampus Pre-Sale Now until 12/1

Krampus is a Winter Holiday figure in Eastern Europe who is the counter of Saint Nicholas, or Santa Claus. Where Santa rewards gifts to children who are good, Krampus punishes children who have been bad. He is massively tall and hairy all over with sharp teeth, longhorns, and a forked tongue. In many tales, Krampus comes and takes naughty children away in his burlap sack off to the cold mountains to be imprisoned forever. Other stories say he beats them with switches and branches and chains them up to be taken away from their parents. 

My Krampus Candle is for keeping people away who are grumpy, bothersome, and nasty people during the holiday season. This black candle made with birch and clove will ward off people's negativity, keeping you safe from Krampus.