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Personal Power Mojo

A mojo hand or bag is highly popular in pop culture witchcraft and conjure. These bags contain herbs, stones, roots, and bones you carry along with prayers and energy to bring something to you or repel it. Others are more personal containing plants and other roots for healing and spiritual purposes. 

A custom mojo bag is for you and you along to have the power you need in your hands to conquer your obstacles, claim your personal power,  to win what is yours. Purchase a mojo bag to work for many conditions.  

Custom Mojo

Mercury Retrograde Mojo

Mercury Retrograde is an Astrological occurrence when the Planet Mercury seems to change its orbit a few times a year. In astrology, Mercury's energy influences communication, our intellect, and technology. During this time, people associate the few weeks of this occurrence with bad luck, disasters, fights, and many forms of misfortune. 

This mojo is made with the intention to ward off energy that may cause your luck to run out. Made with herbs and items for fast luck and eloquence, this can be worn during retrogrades or anytime during the year. 


Blessing  Conditions

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