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Blessed Skeleton Keys

A skeleton key is highly prised by magic workers to help unlock their path, remove blockages, and help see past their own illusions. 

If you're wanting your very own, cleansed and blessed by me,  and worked to be fixed to you alone, this is one talisman that will serve you well.  

Blessed Skeleton Key
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Spell Keys

All keys unlock all types of doors. If you're needing more than a blessing, a key can be cleansed, blessed, and worked over a ritual candle burning for 7 days to burn in the magic you're needing. I can create a key for many different conditions. Message me with your request on what you're needing to manifest. 

Depicted to the right is a key for prosperity and money. 

Spell Key
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Custom Skeleton Key Talisman

Stones, wire, energy are all wrapped onto a cleansed and blessed key to unlock the magic you're needing. Message me beforehand of the type of key you're wanting and the stone. 

Wrapped Skeleton Key
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