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Devoional Candles

Many Gods and Spirits are associated with keys and unlocking magic. The candles listed below are ritually prepared to connect with these energies and items within them are for you to keep as a part of a petition to them or for your devotional work.


Hecate Candles

The Goddess Hecate has been known for centuries for holding the keys to the mysteries of life and death. Tradition and mythos vary on the number of keys She carries from one, three, and many to the heavenly, terrestrial, and infernal realms. Being know as the Queen of Witches, She also works with spell casters, diviners, seers, and other spirit workers. Her rituals are done on Full and New Moons and She is known to help usher the dead to their next destination. Burn this candle as an offering for Her in your sacred space. As the candle burns down with your petition, it's absorbed with the key at the base of the candle for you to keep as a talisman and connection to the goddess Hecate. 

Hecate Candle