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For beginners, intermediate, or advanced workers in spirit-based practices and magic, if you're needing help with constructing, reading, or researching magic and witchcraft, I am offering my time to work with you for your magical needs. A consultation with me will help you find tools to better your spellcraft. Set your price and time, and I will send out an invitation to our meeting. You will be given instructions on how to work with items, chants, herbs, and more from folkloric and magical references within my own practice. 

*I am not elevated to a teacher or priest status for any tradition (yet), but I have more than a decade's worth of experience within my own practice, and I also have been trained in modalities for my current practice of where I am today. 

What clients have been saying...

Marcus is very knowledgeable and creative with his magic. I didn't know you could do so much with keys. He helped me see that the magic was within me. 

M. .Kessler 7/25/2019

Consultation Packages

Compare the service packages and find the best fit for you.

All sessions are to be booked within 24 hours. 

One Key Service

15 Minutes

Best package for quick information and guidance

15  Minutes Flat. 

Another $20  for and additional 15 Minutes 

Over video chat or phone call

15% Discount  on shop

15 Min Conseltation

Two Key Service

30 Minutes

Best for General information and guiding your current knowledge

30 Minutes Flat

Another $20 for an additional 15 Minutes

Over video chat or phone call

Written notes for you to follow up with

20% Discount on shop

Mini Reading with session​

30 Min Conseltation

Three Key Service

1 Hour

Best for ultimate range of quality and care. 

1 hr session Flat

Another $20 for an additional 15 Minutse

Over video chat or phone

Notes to follow up, including pictues

25% Discount on shop

Full Reading to go with your session ​

1 Hour Consultation